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Have you ever thought about outsourcing the production of aeronautical parts, reducing costs without losing quality, maintaining the certification requirements and still with the scheduled delivery time?

Located in the aeronautical center of São José dos Campos – SP / Brazil, AIRTECH specializes in the manufacture and customization of aeronautical products, metals and composites, following the requirements demanded by the main regulatory agencies (ANAC, FAA and EASA), as well as the regulations such as ASTM.

Brazil is the second largest producer of bauxite (raw material for aluminum) in the world, second only to Australia. This makes it possible for aluminum manufactured in Brazil to have a more affordable price, resulting in a reduction in the costs of the most consumed metal in the world's aeronautical industry.

In addition, Brazil has a rapidly expanding aeronautical sector, qualified professionals and a history of success within aviation, proof of which is the significant number of aircraft models in various categories that have stood out on the world stage.

By adding all these factors, AIRTECH began to attract the attention of manufacturers in the international aeronautical industry, and what began with the manufacture of a few parts, culminated in the manufacture and complete assembly of the North American projects Aventura II, two-seat experimental (kit) or certified (LSA) and HP Aventura (RBAC 103) for Brazil and the world.

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Aero Adventure Adventure II, produced in Brazil by AIRTECH

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