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Aeronautical Products and Services

Engineering and production in composites. 

Composite engineering begins with the design and selection of suitable materials to meet the desired performance specifications. This may involve choosing reinforcement fibers such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, or kevlar,  and matrices such as epoxy resins, polyester, or thermoplastics. The combination of these materials is critical to ensuring that the composite has the required mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties.

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After the engineering phase is completed, we move into the production stage, where we will define which type of lamination will be most appropriate for the project, which can be manual, vacuum, compression, or injection. Once determined, we create the molds and jigs, like this :

Engineering and production in Metals 

Our company boasts a team of engineers and technicians with extensive experience in aeronautical production across various types of metals, such as aluminum (6061-T6, 2024), steel 4130, and stainless steel, considering the necessary techniques to preserve the mechanical properties of the material and respecting project requirements. All projects are carried out using CNC for cutting and bending, ensuring precision, efficiency, and quality finishing. These are commonly employed in the fabrication of wing ribs, fuel tanks, skin panels, and reinforcement."

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