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Our Products and Services


Design and development: Our company offer design and development services for new aircraft, as well as modifications and upgrades for existing aircraft. These services may include aerodynamic design, structural design, systems integration, and avionics design.

Testing and certification: We also offer testing and certification services to ensure that aircraft meet industry standards and regulations. This may include flight testing, ground testing, and laboratory testing.

Manufacturing and assembly: AIRTECH offers manufacturing and assembly services for aircraft components, subassemblies, and complete aircraft. This may include precision machining, sheet metal fabrication, composites manufacturing, and final assembly.

Maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO): We also offer MRO services to keep aircraft in good working condition. This may include scheduled maintenance, unscheduled repairs, and overhauls of aircraft systems and components.

Technical support and training: We also provide technical support and training services to assist customers with the operation, maintenance, and repair of their aircraft. This may include on-site support, remote support, and training programs for pilots, mechanics, and other personnel.

Research and Development: AIRTECH can provide research and development services on new technologies, materials and systems to improve aircraft performance and efficiency.

Supply Chain management: We offer supply chain management services to help customers manage their inventory, logistics and procurement of aircraft parts and components.

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